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Práctica para el final - 2nd level -

15 de Noviembre, 2014  ·  exam practice

These exercises have been extrated from different sites, see the links below each activity. There are many more to do in these sites.


Read an interview with two skateboarders from Los Angeles.

Monica and Carl are teenagers from Los Angeles in the United States. They both love skateboarding. Read this interview with them and find out more about their favourite sport.

Who invented skateboarding?

Monica: Skateboarding began in California in the 1950s, but we don’t know who the first person to go on a skateboard was.

Carl: In the beginning, skateboarding was popular with surfers. They wanted to practise surfing on land when the ocean was calm or the weather was bad.

Where can you go skateboarding?

Monica: There are skate parks in lots of towns and cities. They are special places for skateboarding. You can practise jumps at skate parks and meet other skateboarders.

Carl: You can skateboard in the street too, but you have to look out for the traffic, people, bicycles and dogs.

When did you start skateboarding?

Monica: When I was a child, I liked going rollerskating with my friends. When I was thirteen, one of my friends got a skateboard and I tried it. I fell several times but I loved it. Two weeks later, I got my first skateboard. I haven’t stopped rollerskating. I like both sports now.

Carl: I live in the city and there’s a skate park near my house. When I was eleven, my dad gave me a skateboard for my birthday and I spent the summer skateboarding at the skate park. I love the freedom and speed. When I was a child, I rode my bike every day, but I never ride it now.

Is skateboarding dangerous?

Carl: All skateboarders fall off their boards but fortunately most injuries are minor. It’s a good idea to wear a helmet to protect your head.

Are there skateboarding competitions?

Monica: Yes, there are. They usually take place in skate parks. Skateboarders do jumps or tricks. The skateboarders who do the most difficult jumps or tricks win.

Carl: There was a campaign to get skateboarding included in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. But who knows? Maybe, skateboarding will be in the 2020 games!

Tell me about “Go Skateboarding Day”.

Monica: “Go Skateboarding Day” is on the 21st of June every year. In the United States, Europe and Australia, there are competitions, parties and barbecues for skateboarders.

What about fashion? Is there a skater look?

Carl: At the moment, the fashion is for skateboarders to wear tight jeans or black trousers and a T-shirt or check shirt. Baseball caps and hats are popular too.

Monica: A lot of skateboarders have long hair too. But fashion doesn’t matter. For me, enjoying the sport is more important than clothes.

What’s a long board?

Monica: A long board is skateboard that’s longer and has got bigger wheels. Skateboards are usually 70 to 80 centimetres long, but long boards are 90 to 120 centimetres long. It’s difficult to do jumps on a long board, but you can go fast.

Carl: Listen to this! In 2006, a skateboarder went across Australia on a long board. That’s 5,850 kilometres!

Robin Newton

 Who says this? Monica or Carl? Write an M for Monica and C for Carl.

 -   got a skateboard for a birthday present

-    says that skateboarding began in California in the 1950s

-    loves the freedom and speed of skateboarding

-   started skateboarding with a friend

-    says that baseball caps and hats are popular with skateboarders

-     thinks skateboarding is more important than fashion

-    goes rollerskating and skateboarding

-      says it’s a good idea to wear a helmet

 True or False? Are the sentences true or false?

 1. Surfers wanted something to do when the sea was calm.

2. When she was a child, Monica rode her bike every day.

3. Monica started skateboarding when she was eleven.

4. Skateboarding isn’t going to be in the 2016 Olympic Games.

5. “Go Skateboarding Day” is on 21st July every year.

6. It’s fashionable for skateboarders to wear tight jeans.

7. All skateboarders have long hair.

8. It’s difficult to do jumps on long boards.

See more at:


Decide whether the present simple or continuous is the right option.

1 Mary never ____ TV at weekends.

                  Watches                      is watching

2 The drugstore ____ until nine o´clock on workdays.

                  doesn't close               isn't closing

3 Kate ____ the guitar at nights.

                   is often playing           often plays

4 ____ in London this month?

                  Is he living                  Does he live

5 ____ that woman over there your mum? She ___ at you.

                  Is / is looking              Is being / looks

6 They ____ because they are busy.

                 aren't coming                          don't come

7 John ____ in the hospital saving lives.

                   Works                         is working

8 My father and I ____ sunbathing on the beach.

                     Love                           is loving

9 ____ the traditional Spanish music?

                      Do you like                   Are you liking

10 My friend Tom ____ a party tonight.

                        is giving                       gives

More exercises on

  Simple Past

Put the verbs into the simple past tense.

1.Last year I (go) England on holiday.

2. It (be).....................fantastic.

3.I (visit) …..............lots of interesting places. I (be)............with two friends of mine

4.In the mornings we (walk).................. in the streets of London.

5.In the evenings we (go) pubs.

6.The weather (be)  ................ strangely fine.

7. It (not / rain).......................... a lot.

8.But we (see)..............some beautiful rainbows.

9.Where (spend / you)............. your last holiday?

You can do more activities on this page:


Listen and choose the right answer.

Click on this page:


Practise writing about you. Read these sentences and answer in full to have a paragraph.

Where do you live?

Who do you live with?

Where do you go on weekends to have fun?

What do you like doing?


What are you doing now?

Why are you doing it?

Where are you?


When did you last watch a movie?

What movie was it?

Who did you go with?

What did you like the most?

See the answers below


Answers to LA Skaters: An Interview exercises.

1. Preparation: matching

1.  d

2.  a

3.  f

4. c

5.  b

6.  e

1. Check your understanding: grouping

Monica  Carl

goes rollerskating and skateboarding  got a skateboard for a birthday present

started skateboarding with a friend  says it’s a good idea to wear a helmet

thinks skateboarding is more important than


loves the freedom and speed of skateboarding

says that skateboarding began in California in the


says that baseball caps and hats are popular with


2. Check your understanding: true or false

1.  True

2.  False

3.  False

4.  True

5.  False

6.  True

7.  False

8.  True



Present simple or continuous

1 a

2 a

3 b

4 a

5 a

6 a

7 a

8 a

9 a

10 a


Simple Past

1- went

2- was

3- visited / was

4 – walked

5 – went

6 – was

7 – didn’t rain

8 – saw

9 – did you spend


Practise asking questions to obtain this information:

1) Name

2) Age

3) Nationality

4) Likes

5) Dislikes

6) Holiday activities

7) Favourite holiday place/ Reason

8) Yesterday activities

9) Yesterday likes

10) Abilities

11) Place of residence

12) Time you do activities/ Days you do activities.

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