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Cuatrimestral 1er nivel práctica

12 de Julio, 2014  ·  exam practice

1) Read about Sally and answer.

My name is Sally. I’m 10 years old. I’m from Paris, in France. I’ve got two pets, one cat and one parrot. My cat is called Sam. It’s brown and white. He’s got long hair and a long tail. Sam is very lazy. He can jump and run but he sleeps all day. His favourite food is fish.

My parrot Suzy is green. She is very beautiful. Suzy can fly, but she can’t talk. Her favourite food is seeds. She loves them.

A – How old is Sally?

B – Has Sally got any pets?

C – What’s her cat’s name?

D – Can he jump and run?

E – Is Suzy a cat?

F – What colour is she?

G – What’s Suzy’s favourite food?

2) Read about Sally’s friend Ann. Circle the correct option. 

Look! These is / are Sally and Ann. They are  /  is   best friends. They love/loves animals.

Sally  has got  /  have got   one parrot and one cat. Ann  hasn’t got  /  haven’t got a dog or a cat. She has got / have got a hamster

3) You are talking to Sally. Complete the conversation with the questions below. There is an extra bubble. 

How old is he?

Has he got a big body?

Can he swim?

What’s your name?

What’s your cat’s name?

Have you a pet?

 You: Hello! My name is _____________. ____________________________ ?

Sally:  I’m Sally. Hi!

You:   __________________________________________________ ?

Sally:  Yes, a parrot and a cat.

You:  ________________________________________________ ?

Sally:  Sam. He’s very cute.  

You:    ______________________________________________ ?

Sally:   He’s 6.

You:    ________________________________________________ ?

Sally:  No, he hasn’t. He’s very small.

You: ___________________________________________________ ?

Sally:  No, he can’t. But he can jump!

 4) Sally wants to buy a snake. Describe it.

  Name:   Liza                                                        Can:    crawl

  Colour:  green, red and yellow                         Can’t:  jump

   Eyes:     small                                                     Favourite food: rats

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